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Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is essential to good preventive care!

Training in diet and veterinary nutritional counseling is emphasized at Antonia & Frederico. We know young animals need proper food to grow up strong and healthy. And older pets often benefit from diets that are targeted to their individual health issues.
Other common problems related to diet are food allergies, diaabetes, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, thyroid disorders, joint pain, kidney disease, liver disease, lower urinary tract disease and pet obesity, a growing concern in both cats and dogs.

The correct pet nutrition is a critical component of good health and wellness!

Our nutritional services include:
- Everyday health and wellness diet advice for dogs and cats;
- Guidelines on quantities, food types and schedules to prevent pet obesity;
- Nutritional advice for pets with allergies, information about food trials and diet choices;
- Custom-tailored nutrition plans for dogs and cats living with chronic illness.

Our professionals are qualified and will be happy to assist your best friend!